Session 1 — Silicon Valley Teenpreneur Program by Edudot

Today was the first session of the Silicon Valley Teenpreneur Program held by Edudot. In this first session, our mentor is Hanz Kurdi. He is a fun communicative guy that has an interesting way of teaching the basics of entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest question I had was, how to start. Hanz explained that in his presentation that entrepreneurs often have ideation process. This is to determine on what method in order to solve the issue. This allows a clear process of seeing what’s good and bad about the different ideas and which ideas can be applied.

From what he said in class, he made me realise just how much I need to improve if I wanna be an entrepreneur in the future. One thing he emphasises a lot was having the ability to speak any ideas that we have. This is because great entrepreneurs are mostly people who may seem crazy but they have intelligent ideas on their heads. This made me look in the mirror and ask myself what do I wanna achieve. I realised that I need to be able to share my ideas and take risks in order to achieve what I want.

The biggest takeaway I had from Hanz’s session was having the right mindset or what he would say as mindflow in order to be successful. From the examples he shown in his presentation, I need to have a growth mindset because I saw that I mostly have a fixed mindset which really opened up my mind to improve.

When Hanz first asked in the class about why do you choose to join this session, I answered that it’s my dream to be an entrepreneur, to be able to create my ideas into a reality. After I said that, I fully realised that if I really wanna achieve that, I would need to be able to develop myself into a better entrepreneur, because If I don’t grow I couldn’t be a successful entrepreneur in the future. I will commit to always improve in each upcoming sessions because it would help shape a great entrepreneurship side of me. In terms of communication also. I am willing to speak and ask questions more in next upcoming sessions because I realised if I wanna be successful I need to be able to share my thoughts and ideas to everyone. This would also allow me to have a wide connection with people all over the world especially my mentors from Silicon Valley who could be interested in my ideas in the future.